Thinking of buying vBulletin 4? Hold off, vBulletin 5 is just around the corner!

vBulletin is a licensed forum software package that has been stagnant and bug-ridden since version 4 was released in 2009.

Joe Rosenblum, CTO of Internet Brands, has promised that the next version of vBulletin (version 5) will be released “later this year [2012]”.

If you were holding off on upgrading your vBulletin 3.x due to the reported problems and lack of features of vBulletin 4, there shouldn’t be any need to upgrade until vBulletin 5 is available for public scrutiny.

vBulletin 4 licensing allows an individual to pay for a license and receive all updates and bug fixes during that vB4 life cycle. vBulletin 5 licensing hasn’t been announced, but it will almost certainly carry a different license to purchase.

Why pay for a vBulletin4 license, and then have to pay for a separate vBulletin5 license  within 6 months?


vBulletin to Unveil its Next Version at ForumCon

The next version of vBulletin will be launched later this year. It will entail a next-generation forum product with a modernized community experience. The product will provide increasing social functionality, improving content management and streamlining site set-up and administration.

The worldwide introduction of the new version of vBulletin will be made at a special press event at ForumCon, just before the kick off of the day’s formal agenda.  Media, developers, and forum owners that are interested in a first look at the newest product can arrive early for the event which will kick off at 8:15am.

Also, vBulletin will be extending a $25 discount to all ForumCon attendees that are interested in purchasing the newest version when it is formally released!  Be on the lookout for your unique discount code in your registration packet you receive upon arrival.