How to get around Omaha World Herald’s Nag Screen

Lately, the Omaha World Herald’s web site has been nagging people to subscribe to the paper in order to view the web site. You get only a few page visits per day before the nag screen pops up begging the visitor to subscribe to the online subscription. If the visitor denies signing up for an online subscription, they are redirected to the home page, and not the page they intended to view.

The quick and easy solution to get around this problem with the Chrome browser is to start “incognito mode”, which will allow you to view without the nag screen. The quickest way to start incognito mode is to use Ctrl + Shift + N (hold down control key, shift key, type the letter “N”)  and  to start a new browser window in incognito mode.

“incognito mode” in Chrome will force a new cookie to be created in your browser when visiting, and delete it when the incognito mode window is closed. An alternative method is to delete any cookies placed by in your browser settings, but incognito mode works faster.

The Firefox browser uses a similar feature called “Private Browsing” mode, and it can be started by using Ctrl + Shift + P.

For Internet Explorer users, try the “InPrivate Browsing” feature. You can start InPrivate Browsing by opening a new tab and selecting Browse with InPrivate or selecting it from the Tools menu. I can’t find a keyboard shortcut for InPrivate Browsing, but this site may help create a shortcut on your desktop, depending on your browser version.