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Hey, according to the referer database, some people are still looking for a way to search Vendio’s Message Center (formerly AuctionWatch). Because Vendio never bothered to properly index their custom message board system, searches on at the time were slow and cumbersome, so they disabled it.

I was able to recreate the interface to it, and it works for a few good surprises, although AuctionWatch purged a number of message board postings, and removed some categories when they decided to change their name to “Vendio”.

Anyway, just FYI, if anybody is still looking for it. The URL used to be:

Visits to that URL will automagically be redirected to the AW search page here:

(This message brought to you by your ol’ buddy piinthesky:

Ray Romeo Pulls the Plug on Wagglepop 2.0

waggleAs expected, Andrew Pittino (really Ray Romeo) is shutting down Wagglepop 2.0 after tripling fees to sellers a month ago.

Of course, Ray doesn’t put this information in the announcements area, which hasn’t been updated since December 2008, he only includes it in the sellers’, or more appropriately, “listers'”, forum.

Although he still blames everyone but himself for the site’s dismal performance, the best part is that he wants to sell for $40,000 (or it could be $80,000 if you apply Romeo math). Wagglepop 1 didn’t even get out of beta, and he wanted $45,000 for that. Somebody needs to tell Ray that the dot com bubble burst almost 10 years ago.

Somebody else might have to explain to me how if a group is stupid enough to buy the domain for $15,000, how Ray can keep “the LLC and the current trademarked logo”. Although Ray claims there’s a trademark on “wagglepop”, a simple search of the USPTO site tells anybody that there really isn’t. Another fabrication by Ray, I mean, Andrew.

Instead, if there isn’t a buyer,  Ray will simply replace the “revolutionary” Wagglepop with stock Amazon marketplace templates and widgets, which already exist as a lame and atrocious add-on in wagglepop’s search system.

This is the official “announcement”.

Notice that even Andrew’s alter ego Ray Romeo can’t even make the announcement, it has to be the “customer care” director. Why would that be? Because only ONE PERSON owns the Rscript license and hosting account, Ray Romeo!

Hit the jump for the text of the official announcement, and the terms of “sale”.

So long Ray, hopefully it won’t be a year before you spam everybody again with your revolutionary, social-network based, new site, Wagglepop 3.0.

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Somehow, Ray Romeo finds a way to keep Wagglepop open

If this doesn’t convince Wagglepop sellers that they’re being had, I don’t know what will.

Amidst a mutiny by sellers, and seemingly at no other options by “management”, Ray Romeo (as Andrew Pittino) somehow, SOMEHOW, found a way to not DOUBLE sellers’ monthly fees for having a store at Wagglepop.

Days of last minute “management meetings” regarding the unfortunate necessity of doubling these fees and Ray’s, I mean Andrew’s, stragegic dynamic of marketing skills, have resulted in a “win win” for Wagglepop and it’s sellers.

No longer will Ray be forced to edit the monthly fee field in Rscript from 29.95 to 59.95. He will simply have to change it to 39.95, a 10 dollar increase. Phew. I was thinking Ray would never be able to figure that out. In addition, sellers with mutliple stores (why would they want to even have one, nobody can guess), will have to pay some discounted price for them, rather than have them for free, as part of their 59.95 monthly plan.

I think Ray, I mean Andrew, was just trying to prevent any abuse from sellers that would all share one WP account, and each have different stores, all splitting the $59.95 monthly fee, but I digress. Somehow… SOMEHOW, Ray found a way, although he had solemly admitted that there really was NO OTHER WAY.

Anyway, although “Andrew” is ALREADY an owner of Wagglepop (with a nom de plume of  Ray Romeo), Andrew also makes an announcement that he is now also part owner of Wagglepop! Maybe he’ll eventually announce that he’s also changed his name from Andrew Pittino to Ray Romeo, so that he can say he never actually LIED to his sellers, under Wagglepop’s “revolutionary” “trust based system”.

And by the way, the last forum thread about the fees jumping to $59.95 have been replaced with the new thread and the 39.95 price. Although no mention of this price increase, which happens in less than a week, is posted on the announcements page, last updated December 2008.

Anyway, the announcement is after the jump, both the 39.95 announcement (new) and the 59.95 announcement (old), including some of the wailing and gnashing of teeth by sellers.

More on Ray and Wagglepop:,3775.msg74318.html#msg74318

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Ray Romeo STICKS it to Wagglepop Sellers

{mosimage}Wow, just WOW!

You can read Ray Romeo’s (posting as Andrew Pittino) statement to Wagglepop sellers below, but basically, in a nut shell, he says: 1) They’re to blame for Wagglepop 2.0 crashing and burning, 2) Fees to use his Wagglepop site will double in a week, and 2) If you don’t pay up, he’ll shut down, and send your account to collections for payment!

It’s EXACTLY the same whining and excuses he used for Wagglepop 1.0, the only difference is that he’s posting as “Andrew Pittino” rather than himself.

Ray tried to invigorate Wagglepop at the end of last year by making current sellers continue to pay the $29.95 per month to keep their store, yet allow NEW store owners on Wagglepop a free pass for one year. Nobody fell for that scam, and Ray himself must not have been able to figure out the programming behind that because new sellers were still getting monthly invoices!

Now, realizing he’s completely failed again, he lashes out at the only people who supported him, doubling fees, and threatening to send anybody and everybody that never paid an invoice to a collection agency, using his “trust based environment” as his own grand idea that nobody supported.

Ray also makes a claim of an “operating” loss in April ($743), but from his announcement in 2008, when he tripled the fee to $29.95, that was supposed to keep revenues in line with expenses. Now he has to double them AGAIN just to break even. Poor guy! He claims he only needs 35 “good” sellers to pay $59.95 a month to keep the lights on.

Anyway, Ray was kind enough to give his sellers a week’s notice before this latest price increase. He doesn’t say anything about what happens to the sellers that signed up for a FREE STORE for a year, but I doubt they’ll get that free ride anymore, or maybe they already left Wagglepop.

Coming soon, Ray should soon announce that he received a turd in the mail (Wagglepop 1.0), “Wagglepop, we hardly knew ye”, and then claim that all the customer information has been wiped from the hard drive, and then another spam attempt will happen in a year for the announcement of Wagglepop 3.0.

We’ll miss ya Ray! Let us know how much you’re able to get out of sending those Wagglepop seller accounts to collections!

Click the jump for Ray’s announcement


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