Blaze Foley – Clay Pigeons

Great Song! I first heard of Blaze Foley when I heard John Prine do a song called “Clay Pigeons” and thought John Prine wrote it, as it sort kinda fits his songwriting style.

I later found out that Blaze Foley actually wrote the song, and now I have to track down a lot more Blaze Foley material.

Beef Curtans at Stir Concert Cove 7/17/09

93-BeefCurtans-with_dogDamn, the link is down at the moment, but I think Ken Guthrie Byproducts is responsible for this site:

The Beef Curtans were a popular alternative band in Omaha in the early to mid-90’s, and probably one of my first non-paying gigs with a “celebrity” band, bwahahwahah.

They had released only 1 album, actually a cassette called Brethren, but I had a couple of other recordings, including a live concert from the Lime Light in Sioux Falls, SD. They also released a cassette ScareyHead, but I think they spelled it Scarry Head, which was just a cassette of some live recordings and maybe a demo or two.

Pieces of Beef Curtans eventually went on to become parts of Echo Farm and FreeDirt, if my memory serves.

Brethren “tracks”

01 – Smell
02 – I Don’t Know
03 – Hole in My Pocket
04 – Higher Light
05 – Slatch
06 – Jesus
07 – Get a Little Closer
08 – Knowledge
09 – All Three Sides
10 – Why Must I
11 – New Orleans
12 – Evaline
13 – Chortlau

Live tracks I have in MP3 format, and assuming the song titles are correct.

Gotta Explain
Don’t Be Long With Us
(instrumental, I don’t think I ever knew the name of this song)
Pre-Knowledge – (not the correct name, I think this was just King Dick and Your Uncle Lank Badly on a four track)
Any Way You Want (Demo)
Black and Gold (Live)
Domestic Violence
Doubtful (Hook in the Front) (I think this is one of the few recordings I have with Clint F*ckworth on drums)
Gotta Explain (Live)
Larger Than Life
Love is a 4 Letter Word (Demo)
Month of Sundaes (Live from the Limelight)
Sassy(Live from the Limelight)
Scarey Head (Live from the Limelight)
White Trash (Live from the Limelight)

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