Crappy old forums replaced with pretty new ones

I’ve removed the old Simple Machines forum software that I had here with a XenForo variety. I didn’t convert the old “AuctionCrotch” forums to the new forum system, just to try to wipe the slate clean from all that crapola, but I still have it archived.

I had the forum on for a while with ads, and tried some advertising as a “general discussion” forum, but those are so hard to get successful, so I moved teh concept to as a personal forum with no ads, but the same basic principals and concepts.

I haven’t install the facebook-like chat system set (ArrowChat), if there’s a need, I’ll install it, but it is a hog on resources.

What makes it different? Not a whole lot. I’ve admined, moderated, and/or hosted different discussion boards for over 10 years. I like the Xenforo software, and it helps keep my skills a little fresher than just playing Skyrim all day! Some of the things that are a little different are:

  • Minimal forums. I like it, can’t stress that enough.
  • Better software. vBulletin has pooped the bed, and Xenforo brings a lot of functionality in its core package. Plus, it’s better in the search engine arena, the user interface, and performance.
  • I’m a pretty lenient guy with basic rules that I’m consistent with. I think I’m a fair board admin. I’m too old to fly off the handle on stupid stuff anymore.

The policy privacy and terms were copied from what I came up with for OAUA, so they may be updated to be a little more liberal.

Privacy Policy:

SneakIt Forums Launched!

If you’re familar with eBay’s unique chat system for it’s members, then you’re probably recognize SneakIt Forums.

SneakIt Forums has finally been launched, 10 years in the making. First as the “CODE RED” chat system, then SneakBay, then morphing into “DOLL CHAT!” A small private beta of the Poor Man’s Message Board (PMMB) was released and abandoned, and now SneakIt Forums goes back to its roots.

SneakIt Forums focuses on less clutter, more speed, and the most basic message board functions included (although more features than eBay’s!).

About SneakIt Forums
SneakIt Forums Announcements

New Server and other properties are on a new VPS server from Slicehost. Great host, great system, more freedom, and more x64 headaches!

I’m still trying to finish redirecting all of the old Mambo based articles to WordPress, so bear with me. The Wagglepop articles are next, so Ray, don’t think that information is inaccessible!

“The Search” is the best way to find anything on this blog, but it’s at the bottom of the page!(?) and other properties are now part of the Solid Mean Technologies network.


Well, I’m trying to get rid of that lame Mambo CMS that hasn’t been updated in over a year, and I’m slowly replacing it with WordPress.

The good news is that all the content has been converted, the bad news is that I haven’t been able to find a good way to rewrite the “old” URLs to the “new” URL’s via an .htaccess file, so that’s still a work in progress.

I still need to edit a few things from the Mambo articles, but I’m farther along than I thought I’d be.

I’m starting the new blog software off right with an old image reference to SneakyDave web hosting days. Jealous? I’m sure.