Wagglepop continues to be DOWN HARD in 2009!

I don’t even know if this is news, but Wagglepop.com is down again, this time, it appears the site has been offline since 3/11/2009 11:30pm Central time. 

Maybe Ray and his alter ego Andrew Pittino didn’t pay a registration bill, a hosting bill, or forgot to flip a switch. 

Wagglepop.com came back only on 3/12/2009 1:30pm Central time.

Naturally, no status or reason was reported about the downtime by Ray Romeo (Andrew Pittino)

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Wagglepop Down Hard… AGAIN!

{mosimage}Wagglepop was been down today between 04:00am and 03:25pm Central. Who really knows what’s going on over there?

Here are some other recent downtimes for Ray Romeo’s dropshipper site: 
01/25/2009 – 09:38pm – 04:16am
11/27/2008 – 08:44pm – 11:17pm
11/24/2008 – 08:58pm – 11:11pm
11/15/2008 – 09:03pm – 11:21pm
11/11/2008- 08:53pm- 11:23pm
11/4/2008- 10:24am – 01:10pm
10/29/2008 – 08:53pm – 11:24pm
10/16/2008 – 09:09pm – 11:37pm
10/6/2008 – 09:07pm – 11:26pm
10/2/2008 – 11:01am – 1:16pm
9/25/2008 – 10:10pm – 12:22am
9/23/2008 – 8:45pm – 10:56pm
9/20/2008 – 9:11pm – 11:04pm
9/3/2008 – 8:30pm – 10:30pm
9/1/2008 – 8:57pm – 9:06pm
8/29/2008 – 8:55pm – 12:30am

In the past, Ray would be kind enough to let his $9.95 sellers know when site maintenance was planned, but I guess that doesn’t matter since crazy sellers are paying him $29.95 a month now. Wagglepop hasn’t updated its status page in months.

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TnTU.net down hard!

Todd and Tyler Unauthorized (tntu.net) is down due to a bad hard drive, and file system corruption. It’ll be back up as soon as possible, but it seems this is a pretty severe hardware failure and corruption problem that requires a full server restore from backup. This failure happened on or about 1:45pm CDT on 9/15/2008.

UPDATE: TnTU.net was back online at 8:15pm.

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Wagglepop Down Hard Again!

On 9/11/2007, Wagglepop is showing blank pages throughout the site. Ray Romeo has tried to disguise error message in the past by throwing up a blank page when errors occur, but I think I found out that it seems to be yet another database problem.

It also appears that Wagglepop’s “community” software is based on phpBB.


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AuctionCities.com still down!

UPDATE 6/4/2007: AuctionCities has been up and operational for approximately a month, but a myriad of database and server errors have precluded anybody from listing there. It looks like the Cold Fusion license has expired, and newer versions of software on the server may be incompatible with the AuctionCities software. As of today, the site is again unavailable.

AuctionCities (formerly Bidway and Bidbay) has been down since January,
and at the beginning of April, promises from ownership to get it back
online were appearing.

April 8th was the first promised date. Around that time, the site appeared
to be moved to a new server, because errors started showing via Cold
Fusion, PHP, and MySQL due to the different versions of the software on
the servers.

Then a pop-up box began appearing promising that April 15th would
be the day that the site would be back online. At this point, the main
home page would display, but no links worked. Some pages even showed the
native Cold Fusion coded pages, including interesting tidbits like IP
numbers to ban from browsing AuctionCities, George Tannous’ home IP for
instance, and userid’s that were designated as "Administrators"

As of this writing (April 16th), the dreaded "Server Cannot Be Found"
error has been appearing when the site is accessed. Does this mean they
gave up trying to relaunch the site, are they moving servers again?

UPDATE: A new pop up message warns users that the site will now be up on April 22nd, but the chat rooms are available for anybody wanting to chat.

I don’t know how those auctions are going to work that have been running since the site went down in January.

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