Looking for partners for Creighton Bluejays sports message board

I like the Creighton Bluejays, I follow the Creighton Bluejays, but I’m not a hard core fan enough to create a site to provide content to it on a daily basis.

Ever since the BlueJay Cafe moved to the Rivals network, the once popular site has languished in obtrusive ads, lame security, less message functions, and crass administration.

I’d like to provide the hardware, software and framework for a message board that Creighton fans should be able to enjoy, but I need devoted fans and/or content creators to make the site a success. I’m willing to donate the software and time to administer a site that Crieghton fans should be proud of.

If interested in such an endeavor, let me know by posting a message here. I can provide projects and references on request.

Matt Perrault BEGS listeners to complain to his boss

A part time AM radio co-host and full-time Twitterer begs listeners, and non-listeners, to email his bosses to complain about him. Crazy talk, but I’ll oblige. This is the same part-time AM radio co-host that has a job reporting on UNI and Drake basketball in Iowa, but seems to only care about Creighton basketball in Omaha. He must have been drinkin’ at the computer again because his grammar’s been sliding.


Mc Bulldog:

This guy has no business in Des Moines as a sports talk show host … let’s all email his boss. Can you imagine what would happen if the shoe were on the other foot in Omaha? OMG … the Pope would get in the fray!!!

KXNO General Manager, Joel McCrea – [email protected]
KXNO Program Director, Van Harden – [email protected]

I think we should call some of the advertisers on KXNO, let them know how we feel about the situation. –



Two Drake fans called me and one said he is thinking of hiring homeless guys to picket the station and the other guy said he is going to make T-shirts and give them out.

Perrault is busting open a hornet’s nest!!!


Please email my boss again…that’s was great comedy.

Mecha Bulldog:

I didn’t realize KXNO’s ratings were so good that they could afford to pass off a local fan base. And laugh about it.


No, we were laughed at the email cause the person said that it was unethical to have me on the radio cause I run a Creighton website….