SneakIt Forums Launched!

If you’re familar with eBay’s unique chat system for it’s members, then you’re probably recognize SneakIt Forums.

SneakIt Forums has finally been launched, 10 years in the making. First as the “CODE RED” chat system, then SneakBay, then morphing into “DOLL CHAT!” A small private beta of the Poor Man’s Message Board (PMMB) was released and abandoned, and now SneakIt Forums goes back to its roots.

SneakIt Forums focuses on less clutter, more speed, and the most basic message board functions included (although more features than eBay’s!).

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eBay limits new users from posting

I guess they think they have enough support staff to help new members, or they’re tired of the old timers running off the new users, or both. Who know?


****Community Change: Posting limits for Discussion & Chat boards****
Date: 04/12/04 Time: 10:43:26 AM PDT

To preserve the health and vibrancy of eBay

Class Action Lawsuit Filed against SquareTrade

Its about time these eBay sponsored scammers got what’s coming to them.

There shouldn’t be any description about this company other than to say to stay away from it.

The article:

The OTWA discussion:

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