“What’s Goof Ball Steve Demello Up To?” You Ask?

Steve Demello was a bad seed at a bad company ezboard.com, now Yuku.com. Remember when all that forum post data was lost at ezboard, and they couldn’t get it back, although they claimed to have terabytes of backups?  CRAZY STUFF. Even their paid forum customers were out of luck.

Instead of fixing things, they started over with Yuku, which has had its own share of problems. Boards and users that were globally banned on ezboard are now freed from their chains with Yuku!

You’d see Steve on the EZBoard “update” center do everything but explain the disaster he was in command of. Of course, nobody would receive any refunds for the downtime that mess caused, and Steve already had a history of banning board and users without much communication, so many forum administrators just left EZBoard before Yuku’s “improvements” affected their data.

Steve’s now the “Director of Research and Forecasting” at HealthTech. If you didn’t trust him with your forum data, you probably don’t want to trust him with healthcare technology data.

It says in this paragraph that he was the COO of a “major consumer internet company”. I wonder what company that was, EZBoard maybe? According to this page at EZBoard, he’s still the “VP of Operations”. I guess he thinks COO sounds like a better title. His education proves that he’s just a business guy with no technology experience.

Steve DeMello, MBA, Director of Research and Forecasting
Steve brings to HealthTech over 25 years of experience in hospital operations, strategic planning, systems management and consulting. His work includes serving as Senior Vice President of a major Northern California regional health system, President and COO of a home health care company, and principal in national and international consulting practices in health care and computer simulation modeling. Most recently, Steve served as chief operating officer of a major consumer Internet company. He received a BA in Economics from Claremont McKenna College, and an MBA from the University of Chicago.


This page , reporting on Health Tech’s addition of Steve, labels him a “forward-thinking innovator”! You’d think an MBA would be smarter than that. I wonder what they’ll call him if he loses a lot of health care data that can’t be recovered?

Good luck Steve, we still remember ya! Stay away from technology!
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Ross Board Re-Opens, no more EZBoard

Steve DeMello, resident water head at EZBoard has shut down The Ross Board.

Ross has a new message board up, at http://www.therossshow.com

I doubt Steve plans to refund the over $100 Ross had in his community chest. He’s like that, “cheap” and “disgruntled”.

Visit Ross’ and wish him good tidings now that he isn’t under the thumb of EZBoard mook, Steve DeMello.

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