Troy MacDonald (Gegy) Update – 2007

Troy MacDonald, spammer/owner of, and owner/founder of seems to have given up on getting launched, and has settled down selling his Canadian coins on eBay.

According to MacDonald, was going to be the "largest dot com startup, ever!", and would compete with eBay using a lame auction script system created by Mewsoft. Accompanying the site were,,,,, as well as a number of other sites that never saw fruition, including, a "news and information" site that spammed a number of eBay users with "articles" about The site was eventually found out to be owned by Troy MacDonald, as proven in a report by an anonymous fact finder in the famous "Gegy Lies" document.

Eventually was turned into some kind of marketplace where sites get paid to sell overpriced CD’s and other items on commission, but of course that never worked out either.

Gegy had a short stint as a charitable marketplace where non profit organizations could sign up to re-sell the overpriced CD’s and other items, and return a measly sum for their effort, but I guess people were too smart to fall for that too, because that offshoot didn’t last very long either.

Troy alludes to on his eBay AboutMe page, although he’s not stupid enough to refer to it by name, even insinuating that the venture failed because he had left the company….
"From there I became a professional in finance and investment banking (Canada Trust Private Investment Counsel) and from there founded an imperfect international ecommerce startup company which I have since departed from; unfortunately it did not survive my departure despite passionate reassurances from the board, investors and key managers who replaced me that it would thrive after my departure."

This is what still kills me about Troy MacDonald. He advertises these "eBay distinctions", as if they are as rare as the Canook Coins he’s peddling, most of are as easy to obtain as hints in Blues Clues…
eBay Certified Consultant

eBay Trading Assistant
eBay Developers Program
eBay Power Seller

Still a kook after all these years!

TheMonetaryMan on eBay….

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"Gegy is the largest dotcom startup
ever, nothing of this size has ever come to
Internet right from the start. It’s been an
enormous undertaking taking many, many months
to build. As we mentioned previously, the beta
program will last 2 weeks in total. In the first
stage, the actual beta testing program will last
approximately 9 days, and you will be given a
special beta login ID and password. We will
forward this information to you via email as soon
as we are ready to begin!"
– Troy MacDonald of – 2001

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Troy MacDonald determined to keep Gegy going!, once a spam publisher, once an kid friendly auction site, once a glorified product distributor/wholesaler, now a fundraising site!

The wholesale concept for Gegy didn’t work out that well, so now they’re using the same model, but pitching it as a great way to raise money for your non-profit organization.

Scamming non-profits, what’s next for Troy MacDonald and the guys at Gegy? Troy’s determined to get your money one way or another!

By the way, their toll-free number (866-429-0707) isn’t in service, neither is their toll number.

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Troy MacDonald’s officially dead – Dead On Arrival, hopefully we’ll never have to listen to Troy’s false promises, lies, and excuses for spam, ever again.

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The New Gegy, lame as ever

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One more shoe to drop for Troy MacDonald and

As reported earlier, Troy MacDonald’s resurrection of the “world’s largest dot com startup” has started to rot, new newsletters, increased seller fees, and phone disconnects have signaled the end of MacDonald’s latest attempt at online success.

Now, the site only shows a picture of a support representive, as well as well as phone numbers to contact support, none of which work.

Is Troy going all out to possibly try to sell

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Phones disconnected and no new registrations allowed at

Wow! How long has this been in place:

Gegy is currently not accepting new registrations.”

Is it the beginning of the end for Troy MacDonald and his “world’s largest dot-com start up ever” failure?

The toll-free number (1-866-429-0707)and regular phone number(902-433- 2021) are no longer operational. Impending doom?

Remember how long the original Gegy site was still active (over a year and a half) after it was found out that Troy MacDonald went kaput?

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