Quotes that Matt Perrault refuses to own

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See…I don’t lie 🙂
Source – Twitter 1:29 PM Jul 8th

This may be the best quote from Matt Perrault (blogger and infrequent AM radio co-host) that I’ve heard. Matt got upset when his own quotes were posted on a web site and he threatened legal action against what he believed to be defamation and libel, and threatened to sue EVERYBODY for ANYTHING they said about him.

Below is the complete list of quotes that were cycled through on mattperrault.com. Some show his ignorance, some bring to light his ego, some are his famous predictions, some show his neediess, some point out his foibles, but they are all memorable, in my opinion anyway. Your mileage may vary.

Matt claims that the “majority” of the quotes are fake with these statements…

Just FYI – the majority of this “quotes” are fake and I will take this fight to the fullest extent of the law. Defamation is happening IMO
Source – Twitter 11:44 PM Jul 8th

just got worse cause now the quotes are FAKE.”
Source – Twitter 11:58 PM Jul 8th

The quotes are fabricated and flipped. I never said the majority of what you put up there
Source – Email to me 7/8/2009.

So, I’ve taken the liberty to list ALL the quotes that were in rotation at mattperrault.com, and attribute each one to the source of it, most are from Twitter or his own blog. You’ll find out that Matt Perrault, is indeed, a liar. Maybe he can sue himself for some kind of fabricated libel.

[a whole buncha] published quotes, maybe (until I finish going through podcasts) 6 of them can’t be reproduced exactly (due to paraphrasing or not having the exact podcast).

UPDATED 12/09/2009

UPDATED 10/02/2009

UPDATED: 6/15/2009 – I removed one quote regarding Jade McCarthy and Charles Barkley, but supposedly, I’m being sent the podcast for it. So if/when I get that, I might change my mind, but then again, it’s just radio dude. This was Matt’s demand. I’m not sure who the other parties are, but I hope it’s not Joe Buck.

I am only going to say this once.

Remove the post about Charles Barkley and Jade. I never said ANYTHING like what you are attributing to me. I don’t care about anything else on your obsession site but that is post is a lie and will cause other parties to get involved.

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