Biting the bullet with MythTV 0.20.1

mythfrontendWell, its about that time. The time to take a couple days vacation from the real world and get the MytvTV box upgraded from 0.20.1 to .21.

A person wouldn’t think it’d be too hard, but a MythTV upgrade ain’t for the faint of heart. I can backup the database in my sleep, but if “somebody” ends up losing 35 Oprah episodes because of it, I’m going to have bigger problems on my hands.

On one hand, my MythTV box has been pretty stable, the only problem being with changing the DirecTV channel with the infrared LIRC software. Sometimes I have to change to channel 3 before changing to some of the “higher” channels because something times out too soon, and MythTV bitches about something wrong with the backend.

Anyway, that’s the only issue I’ve had with this version, running over a year on Fedora 8. Maybe I should upgrade that too, or wait until MythTV .22 is out, which should be soon. Version .22 has a better theme (Terra)  than the original G.A.N.T or MythCenter theme.

More on the hassles with my MythTV box:,2103.0.html