OTWA Found To Use Illegal Open Source Software

UPDATE 8/16/2006: Jim must have felt so bad about having an illegal license of his software that he paid the branding fee so that he no longer has to show the copyright notice! Good for Jim!

On 7/24/2006 I found out that Jim Wells and Crystal Wells Miller of Wells Miller Group LLC installed free software on otwa.com, vbadvanced.com’s VBA CMPS, which requires using a copyright notice in a footer of the software as part of its license.

I took a look at the source code of the page, and noticed that it was no accident that they left out the copyright notice that is required for the software, Jim had commented it out, but was still viewable in the source code of the page.

I sent a message to Jim asking him how it was possible that he got away without using the license, but I received no response, I then asked the folks at VBA CMPS.

On 7/26/2006, Jim Wells must have relented and finally added the “Portal page powered by vBadvanced CMPS” text as required by the vbadvanced CMPS software. Good for Jim
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