OAUA reopened as the Online Apathetic Users’ Anomoly

Well, I couldn’t think of a better name to fit the acronym, but I decided to use the OAUA.net domain name to a better use.

The basic gist of the OAUA is that its a discussion community of everything BUT politics and religion, the 2 discussion topics I personally abhor.

But the OAUA is more than that, incorporating an facebook connectivity with a integrated facebook-like chat system, as well as outlining rules and a privacy policy, and using one of the most exciting new message board platforms, Xenforo.

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OAUA – AuctionUsers.org finally down!

Finally the site has been dismantled at DNS is still pointing there (off and on), but it looks like all the site pages, including the discussion forums.

Wonder what they did with the 6000 (?) dollars left in the organization. Did they all go to Vegas to cry about it. Did Steve pocket it with the “let’s fix the books, send money now to do it” funds?

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OAUA update

They get rid of a number of forums, deleted the archives, and bladepusher resigns (5/23/2004):

This is to formally give you my resignation from the Online Auction Users Association, effective immediately.

I will abide by the CA I signed.

Vincent Trent


And lately, Purjal has left the organization:

I have also resigned thru email to the BOD that was left(at the time Vince and Don), and now I’m posting it here.

Debbie Lucero
former Secretary/BOD

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