How to get around Omaha World Herald’s Nag Screen

Lately, the Omaha World Herald’s web site has been nagging people to subscribe to the paper in order to view the web site. You get only a few page visits per day before the nag screen pops up begging the visitor to subscribe to the online subscription. If the visitor denies signing up for an online subscription, they are redirected to the home page, and not the page they intended to view.

The quick and easy solution to get around this problem with the Chrome browser is to start “incognito mode”, which will allow you to view without the nag screen. The quickest way to start incognito mode is to use Ctrl + Shift + N (hold down control key, shift key, type the letter “N”)  and  to start a new browser window in incognito mode.

“incognito mode” in Chrome will force a new cookie to be created in your browser when visiting, and delete it when the incognito mode window is closed. An alternative method is to delete any cookies placed by in your browser settings, but incognito mode works faster.

The Firefox browser uses a similar feature called “Private Browsing” mode, and it can be started by using Ctrl + Shift + P.

For Internet Explorer users, try the “InPrivate Browsing” feature. You can start InPrivate Browsing by opening a new tab and selecting Browse with InPrivate or selecting it from the Tools menu. I can’t find a keyboard shortcut for InPrivate Browsing, but this site may help create a shortcut on your desktop, depending on your browser version.


Looking for partners for Creighton Bluejays sports message board

I like the Creighton Bluejays, I follow the Creighton Bluejays, but I’m not a hard core fan enough to create a site to provide content to it on a daily basis.

Ever since the BlueJay Cafe moved to the Rivals network, the once popular site has languished in obtrusive ads, lame security, less message functions, and crass administration.

I’d like to provide the hardware, software and framework for a message board that Creighton fans should be able to enjoy, but I need devoted fans and/or content creators to make the site a success. I’m willing to donate the software and time to administer a site that Crieghton fans should be proud of.

If interested in such an endeavor, let me know by posting a message here. I can provide projects and references on request.

Despite all attempts, the Omaha World Herald refuses to be “green”

A familiar site in my drive way.

UPDATE: 4/15/2014 Started getting this driveway spam again. OWH claims that they aren’t the ones dropping it off, but will be sure to “update their records” yet again to remove me.

UPDATE: After about 6 weeks of not getting the Food Express spammed on my driveway, as of Feb 1, 2012, somebody at the OWH thought I needed to receive this waste of paper again. I’ve called to complain, and I’m told that I’m still on the “Never Deliver” list, so they don’t have any explanations for it. One time, the OWH explained to me that a neighbor was probably delivering the paper to my driveway, but every time I’ve seen one in my driveway, all the neighbors around me get it also. When I talk to them, they’d rather not see the paper either, but don’t know how to stop it.

UPDATE: As of December 15th, I’m still getting weekly driveway spam, although I’ve been “guaranteed” that they won’t be delivered. “You’ve been marked as ‘Never Deliver’ sir, I don’t know what to tell you”. I’ve found out that the “Never Deliver” really means “Don’t deliver for 6 months”. They automatically put you back on the circulation list “in case you move, and a new resident is at your address”. Sounds to me like a ploy to keep ciculation numbers artificially high for advertisers.


Maybe this problem is inherent to all dying newspapers.

I haven’t subscribed to the Omaha World Herald for probably 20 years, yet for the last 8 years, they seem to think that I would enjoy their free advertising crapola (“Food Express”?) dropped off in my driveway. Today will be the 10th time I call to have them stop this practice. Not only is this practice not very “green” by wasting paper I have no interest in, it could theoretically give notice to potential burglars that I’m away from the house for an extended period of time.

Like I said, it shouldn’t take 10 calls (and probably more) to to the World Herald circulation department to stop this practice. I believe they actually think that dropping their advertising off in my driveway will entice me to get a daily subscription, or at least a Sunday paper subscription. I even tried to figure out how much a Sunday paper is, because I heard rumors that it was upwards of $2.00, but the “Subcribe Now!” page on only says the Sunday subscription is $8.89. That price could be daily, monthly, bi-weekly, who knows!?

I’m starting to collect all of them, and then plan to return them to the “park” that was once “World Herald Square”. If you haven’t seen it, it’s the block where they tore down the original World Herald headquarters to buy the Northwestern Bell building, but they left the corner of the building intact in the park for no apparent reason.

Anyway, I’m not alone in my problem with getting this newspaper problem stopped. I’ve heard from 2 other non-subscribers to the Omaha World Herald that are frustrated by this newspaper spam. To get it resolved put the circulation department’s phone number on your speed dial, 402-346-3363. You’ll be calling it every 6 months or so.


Quotes that Matt Perrault refuses to own

All articles regarding Matt Perrault here:

See…I don’t lie 🙂
Source – Twitter 1:29 PM Jul 8th

This may be the best quote from Matt Perrault (blogger and infrequent AM radio co-host) that I’ve heard. Matt got upset when his own quotes were posted on a web site and he threatened legal action against what he believed to be defamation and libel, and threatened to sue EVERYBODY for ANYTHING they said about him.

Below is the complete list of quotes that were cycled through on Some show his ignorance, some bring to light his ego, some are his famous predictions, some show his neediess, some point out his foibles, but they are all memorable, in my opinion anyway. Your mileage may vary.

Matt claims that the “majority” of the quotes are fake with these statements…

Just FYI – the majority of this “quotes” are fake and I will take this fight to the fullest extent of the law. Defamation is happening IMO
Source – Twitter 11:44 PM Jul 8th

just got worse cause now the quotes are FAKE.”
Source – Twitter 11:58 PM Jul 8th

The quotes are fabricated and flipped. I never said the majority of what you put up there
Source – Email to me 7/8/2009.

So, I’ve taken the liberty to list ALL the quotes that were in rotation at, and attribute each one to the source of it, most are from Twitter or his own blog. You’ll find out that Matt Perrault, is indeed, a liar. Maybe he can sue himself for some kind of fabricated libel.

[a whole buncha] published quotes, maybe (until I finish going through podcasts) 6 of them can’t be reproduced exactly (due to paraphrasing or not having the exact podcast).

UPDATED 12/09/2009

UPDATED 10/02/2009

UPDATED: 6/15/2009 – I removed one quote regarding Jade McCarthy and Charles Barkley, but supposedly, I’m being sent the podcast for it. So if/when I get that, I might change my mind, but then again, it’s just radio dude. This was Matt’s demand. I’m not sure who the other parties are, but I hope it’s not Joe Buck.

I am only going to say this once.

Remove the post about Charles Barkley and Jade. I never said ANYTHING like what you are attributing to me. I don’t care about anything else on your obsession site but that is post is a lie and will cause other parties to get involved.

Continue reading “Quotes that Matt Perrault refuses to own”

Matt Perrault Can’t Own His Words

Matt Perrault’s a blogger and infrequent AM radio co-host of a sports talk show. He’s known for many a fabrication, half truth, and outlandish quote.

He’s also responsible to taking a Creighton Blue Jay Athletics message board and moving it to a paid subscription model. This act drew my ire, and even more-so when Matt banned my account from the fan site for suggesting that I’d host a new message board for CU fans.

After explaining to Matt that he had already burned through 2 message boards on, he hinted that they he hadn’t really run those sites, and suggested that I stick with “Todd and Tyler”. That tweet discussion can be found here:

So, I did what I normally do when somebody makes the internet a less appealing place, I built to bring to light all of Matt’s great quotes throughout his tenure in Omaha and elsewhere.

Now, this wasn’t set up as a hate site, and it wasn’t completely finished. All the site did was list one of Matt’s famous quotes every 20 minutes, and a person could rate it, or submit their own suggestion. There was nothing to imply that Matt owned the site, nor did it reference “sportstalkmatt” (his twitter moniker), his radio station, or anything about him. The site wasn’t even indexed by Google.

OK, so a buddy and me put this site together, and ourselves we came up with about 60 quotes, all from Matt’s tweets, Google’s cache of the CU fan site, Google itself, podcast clips, and podcast summaries from his shows. Some were funny, some were sorta witty for someone with know knowledge of “teh internets”, some were classic Perrault, some were his lame predictions, but they are all fact-based and verified. There were about 8 or so “suggested” quotes from visitors in the waning days that we were trying to verify.

OK, so the stage is set, and I wish we had put more time into the site regarding a few things, but it appears my buddy created a Twitter account at (, and, according to him, started following a bunch of media and people that Matt doesn’t care for, I assume Republicans, and ugly women. He also included a link to from this Twitter account, as I understand it, which no longer appears.  I say “as I understand it” because this was late last night, and I don’t see much of this at the twitter account this morning, because it’s private or something. I don’t know, I don’t do a lot of Twittering obviously.

Anyway, I get a call late last night from this buddy that says Matt is screaming like a little girl in her Hello Kitty panties on his blog about the site. I  assume Matt found it from the mock-up twitter account. I think his conniption is a good read, as these quotes were HIS OWN WORDS, but it doesn’t take him more than 30 minutes to go from “Is anybody a lawyer?” (yikes, I’m quoting him again!), to threatening to use the full action of MCGOUGH LAW to bring the perpetrator down.

Here’s where the wheels come off for Matt. I (as SneakyDave) tweet him to check his gmail account, which contains my admission that the site is mine, it’s purpose, and how he came to find it. I offer him to submit his own quotes, pimp his site(s), but he would have none of it, not wanting to be reminded of his past idiotic sayings and words. I also give him some help about the definition of libel and defamation.

In each email reply, Matt goes more irate, using all CAPS to signify his threats and intentions to get MCGOUGH LAW involved with this case in the morning, and thanks me that I came clean, although he “could have found out who owned the [] site within 24 hours”. Zoinks, I’m quoting him again. Actually, it would have taken him longer than 24 hours now that I think about it, because there’s only one half-assed way he could have found out who owned the site without a subpoena, but again, if it’s half-assed, it’s Matt.

OK, so after enough of these threats, I agree to shut the site down for his own safety against himself. We all know that KXNO in Des Moines would have to shut down if Matt was in the hospital with a coronary over this.

Then, Matt brags to his Twitter followers (400 of them! [email protected]!) that “Twitter outed the owner of the site. Sadly I know who he is”, which of course, is a complete fabrication. I emailed him that I was the owner of the site. Twitter didn’t have anything to do with it, other than publicize his tirade, which would make for some great quotes, but I digress.  Why would he lie about that? I don’t know, it’s Matt!

Anyway, although Matt probably only saw 4 quotes show up on I’m going through all them, providing sources for the tidbits, and will republish them here later.

Maybe then, Matt can get his legal team from MCGOUGH LAW to sue the responsible party for those quotes, himself.

If you have any good stories or quotes about Matt, make sure they’re factual, and send them to me, or post them here.