Old OTWA Spammer WHABam! Bankrupt

BEWARE, this Eren Niazi character is now running StuffPad.com via a domain proxy service.

Open Source Systems Inc., formerly known as Open Source Storage Inc. (OSS), filed for bankruptcy on July 3, 2007. The company owned and operated the WhaBam online auction site that launched in late 2005. WhaBam had changed its name to StuffPals in 2006, and certain pages of the website now redirect to "StuffPad.com."

Too bad that AuctionBytes was stupid enough to get in bed with Eren Niazi…

Note from the Editor: The publisher of AuctionBytes.com is a creditor of OSS.

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OTWA Closing Down

Originally a web site detailing “On The Web Antiques”, Jim and Crystal are closing down the Online Trader’s Web Alliance.

OTWA was originally Jim and Crystal’s site, then Scott Samuel “bought it” as part of Honesty, then Andale owned it to support their (cough) customer service (cough) message area, and then Munjal “gave” it back to Jim and Crystal to own, run, and support in their own way. Crystal recently went back to work for Andale for some, unknown, crazy reason. 

Andale has its own customer service oriented message area here. Any potential new customers should browse these posts, and form an opinion about Andale’s service.


From The Ross Board:

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OTWA says No to pop-ups

OTWA gets ass-raped by infopop at $1000 a month to use OpenTopic. Jim says they’re going to move to Infopop’s Eve, only because (in my opinion) Jim can’t figure out how to export and import his data to anything else.

In this thread, Jim makes that scary claim that NO popups will ever show up on OTWA, and they will not “load” the site with banner ads. You know what that means….

Cost? Well, that depends on how you look at it… Until just a few short months ago the cost was more then several times our current cost, Right now, we are down to about $12,000 a year. I hope to cut that further with this move, but OpenTopic is not going to continue to be developed either, so to stay with it would just cause MORE problems down the road… So a few people offering to send in money, while appreciated, and needed, can’t determine our move at this point because of the long term, month to month costs. This is WHY we are waiting until the move is complete before we are willing to address people supporting us with cash. One thing I know for sure? We WILL NOT load the site with banner ads, we WILL NOT have advertising pop-ups!!!!

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