Swoopbug morons threaten to sue everybody

I gotta commend Tulip Tools for playin’ these fools. I’d be tired of it after about a week of lawsuit threats. If I had a time for whenever a website thought it was going to revolutionize auction and ecommerce sellers….

The story is the same. Some idiots (starring Scott Ceci and Richard Austin) start an auction site with buggy, free, or slow software, starts making promises, blah blah blah, how great things are gonna be if people just “join now”, etc. etc. Making illusions of a co-op, MLA. blah blah blah. Insert your own AuctionPie / Gegy / BidBay story here.  And then the fools go on the attack when facts start emerging about it.

In this case, it appears Swoopbug (and/or Showbidz.com, seem to have the same owners/operators) was offering some kind of “shareholder” agreements to sellers that participated, and obviously, that’s kinda a no no unless you’ve got the right documentation and approval for that type of crap.

Anyway, because TulipTools dared ask the questions about all the ownership name changes on the auction site’s name servers, and then dared ask for documentation about how this “shareholder” plan was going to be executed.

BargainBloodhound starts the discussion here, and it doesn’t take long for somebody’s panties to get twisted.


Stay away from these wannabe eBay sites like Swoopbug and Showbidz. They’re bad juju. Visit TulipTools often. They got a good eye for the liars, profiteers, spammers, and scammers.

This is how Richard and Scott try to put TulipTools in their place, by issuing multiple “press releases”. MORONS!



Other “professional” Swoopbug press releases:


By the way, SHOWBIDZ is a trademark of Musicland Group, Inc, and this POS site I mention has nothing to do with Musicland Group, Inc.

Also, I’m not a member of TulipTools, nor do I know any of the owners personally. I just like the way they ask questions.