Wagglepop won’t advertise for sellers, begs them to SPAM instead

{mosimage}Ray Romeo must have learned his lesson. He supposedly spent $42,000 of the $75,000 advertising budget on failed advertising plans that nobody saw. Now, he just wants his new sellers to spam for Wagglepop, EVERY DAY! In big black font, he tells his sellers that it is up to THEM to make Wagglepop a success. Less hassle for Ray anyway.


It must be working a little bit. A lot of eBay forums were spammed with Wagglepop half truths, and people bitching and moaning about the latest eBay fees have been taking the bait, and joining Wagglepop. At one time, Ray’s seller count jump from 110 to 190 in about a week. Its currently at 208. Hopefully they don’t listen to Ray and pay him more than a month’s fees to find out that there aren’t any buyers.

From Wagglepop’s “We the People” propoganda…

3. Tell Everyone

Use that address book. Email everyone you can about Wagglepop and ask them to do the same. Tell your barber, your mailman or anyone else you think might be interested.

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Old OTWA Spammer WHABam! Bankrupt

BEWARE, this Eren Niazi character is now running StuffPad.com via a domain proxy service.

Open Source Systems Inc., formerly known as Open Source Storage Inc. (OSS), filed for bankruptcy on July 3, 2007. The company owned and operated the WhaBam online auction site that launched in late 2005. WhaBam had changed its name to StuffPals in 2006, and certain pages of the website now redirect to "StuffPad.com."

Too bad that AuctionBytes was stupid enough to get in bed with Eren Niazi…

Note from the Editor: The publisher of AuctionBytes.com is a creditor of OSS.

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Dumb Spammer of the month – BeanBagBeads

This spammer gets an old PayPal email list from somewhere (probably bought on eBay, who knows), and first, adds the victim's email address to their mailing list, even mailing them a "welcome" message.

Then for whatever reason, they try to get you to think you bought something from them from PayPal with a payment email from Paypal.

Sneaky, but not very smart.

Maybe a rogue spammer found beanbagbeads.com ezmlm mailing list software didn't require any verification, so they forged the "paypal payment" email through the ezmlm package, but I doubt it. It looks like beanbagbeads has its name all over it.

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Jim and Crystal Wells Miller spam OTWA members again

First, there was no explanation of why a person registered at OTWA.com (and opted out of emails) received spam email from Auction Business Review, a sister site of OTWA.

Then, Jim explains that the opt out feature of Auction Business Review sometimes doesn’t work correctly

Now, although people (myself that is) have the “receive emails from administrators” feature turned off on otwa.com, Jim can’t wait but to send spam to all its members about a “chat” about postage rates.

Jim explains that I couldn’t have had my “receive emails from administrators” feature turned off, so I must be a liar.

These spam emails are coming from wellsmillergroup.com They’ve been added to my blacklist, as well as anything coming from otwa.com or auctionbusinessreviews.com

Jim and Crystal Wells Miller spam OTWA members
Jim is closing down OTWA, wait, no he isn’t
The story at The Ross Show

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