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Hey, according to the referer database, some people are still looking for a way to search Vendio’s Message Center (formerly AuctionWatch). Because Vendio never bothered to properly index their custom message board system, searches on at the time were slow and cumbersome, so they disabled it.

I was able to recreate the interface to it, and it works for a few good surprises, although AuctionWatch purged a number of message board postings, and removed some categories when they decided to change their name to “Vendio”.

Anyway, just FYI, if anybody is still looking for it. The URL used to be:

Visits to that URL will automagically be redirected to the AW search page here:

(This message brought to you by your ol’ buddy piinthesky:

Vendio Employee Accuses Me of Stalking Her


Score one for the good guys.

Crystal Wells Miller of, and previously of,, and, accused me of stalking her in a thread on the, describing a new Vendio banner on

As you see in the link below, Crystal’s comment that I “have been stalking [me] for years on these boards” has been removed by The HOW moderators, but no apology appeared from Vendio, nor Crystal. Her post also included information about how long and hard she had tried to keep me from stalking her, but I guess the mods removed that portion also. This is the same Crystal that has a “lawyer on retainer” just for me, and had once threatened to sue myself, the guy that owned my house at one time, my ISP, and IIRC, probably my dog.

The thread was created by Crystal on 3/31, I made a comment that offers the same free store, and a whole lot more, than what Vendio provides (4/16), and then I answered a question by SweetGalDecals about why Vendio offers FREE STORE, but it requires a credit card and payment to post to their support board.

The post that was edited by the moderators at The HOW was #28 in this thread. After Crystal posted it, I reported the post to moderators, and created my own response saying that “personal attacks will not be allowed at The HOW”.

I don’t even know if Crystal knows her post was edited, and mine removed because there’s no note of that in the post. I don’t know why my post regarding personal attacks was removed, as it was just a restatement of The HOW’s board rules, but I’d be willing to bet a cake that Crystal whined about it.

Goofy Crystal, I can’t believe she’s still at Vendio after all these years of proclaiming that she’d never work there.

Click the jump for the contents of the thread, in case Crystal comes after me and mine again.

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Andale changing to Vendio web site.

Andale posts an announcement that their web site will be changing to Vendio, promises that "there will be almost no workflow impact"

The Andale hidden support page is no longer available for posts…

No official word or notice if Andale will be using Vendio’s community board support system, but it is assumed they will.

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Vendio Publishes Misleading Research

Sounds like Vendio is starting to really integrate Andale into its operations, at least Andale’s strongest points, misleading and inaccurate information! Vendio used to be right up there with Market Works and InkFrog in terms of quality eBay vendors, but since they’ve acquired Andale, I can’t recommend them anymore.

In its "study"—and we’re quoting that term because that’s what Vendio called it!—Vendio picked out a dozen or so popular consumer electronics products (list below) and then used its Dealio shopping comparison toolbar to ferret out the lowest prices available from online merchants. The Dealio toolbar claims to be able to rummage through reported inventories from more than 100,000 online merchants an eBay sellers for availability and pricing information. Vendio then called up five offline retailers—including some large consumer electronics chains—and averaged their prices for the same goods to come up with an "offline" price.

Vendio’s conclusion? For popular consumer electronics items, consumers pay average of 44.2 percent more at local retail outlines than they do online. Vendio’s caveats? The prices looked up via Dealio including sales tax and shipping and handling, while brick-and-mortar prices only include an 8.25 percent California sales tax.

Chouteau conceded that the survey compared "apples and oranges" somewhat because it compared the "average" offline prices with the "lowest" online prices. And he noted that bricks-and-mortar stores often can feature very low prices in promotions and in Sunday circulars, for instance.

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Lose customers, feedback, and money in December, but win an ipod! has been having problems with checkout, images, counters, double billing, and assigning winning bidders to the wrong items for 2 months now, but it has decided to launch a contest to get their customers, that are still too ignorant to move on to a better auction management platform, the holiday spirit.

The front page of Andale no longer displays that link to the community forums ( where all the complaints customer complaints are still being logged, but it now fashions a fancy new contest where a seller that uses Andale services can win an iPod!

Here are the details to win an iPod in December.