Wagglepop gets 6 months to live

{mosimage}Ray Romeo must be some kind of drama queen. With Wagglepop limping along with just over 100 sellers for a length of time, I don’t recall Ray ever dropping a hint of pulling the plug. Now with 280 sellers paying $10 a month for a $500 auction script, “management” has told him (I mean Andrew Pittino) that WP has 6 months to get its act together, or severe changes may have to be made, which may include (GASP!) higher prices for sellers.

This sounds like a lot of rhetoric right before a big email spam campaign begins. They’ve already started it on the blogs and forums. If you read any of that kool aid drinking crap, you’ll find both positive and negative stories. The negative stories provide facts. The positive stories provide… stories.

“The Great Big Wagglepop Thread” on Tulip Tools has Andrew/Ray’s latest “6 month plan” edict, as well as some restless seller replies. See Ray/Andrew “defend” ownership’s decisions to do whatever he/they want!


If we are to become (or more rightly, stay) a smaller speciality site, then we will work to become the very best one there is, but if we are to even consider being something bigger than that, the online selling community has just six months left under ownership support to show that before large changes would need to be considered in earnest.

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