Matt Perrault engages me on Twitter, calls me “STALKER”, then ….. ?

I’m not sure what’s going on with Matt lately.

In March, Matt tries to engage, or poke, me into one of his “slams” on twitter, regarding the discounted price of, saying….

So the guy squatting on has it on sale today for $99 down from over $400. I guess I’m in the bargain bin now LOL.

Matt must have forgotten about how the web site price works. It starts out at around $99 about March 27th, until about April 4th, then it starts adding a dollar daily to the price until eventually resets to $99 again around March 27th the next year. So THAT’s when anybody can get a really good deal on it. Matt obviously must not have $99, but it’s obvious that he checks the site daily to see if anything has changed on it, as he commented on it the exact day the discounted price went into effect.

Anyway, I was kind enough to remind him about how the pricing works on the site:

RT: @sportstalkmatt “I guess I’m in the bargain bin now LOL.” Until 4/4, then it start goin up again. Just like last year

So after I retweeted him, and corrected him about his “bargain bin” status, he goes into a rage and calls me a “STALKER!”:

Stalker!! RT @SneakyDave: RT: @sportstalkmatt “I guess I’m in the bargain bin now LOL.” Until 4/4, then it starts goin up again.

So naturally, if a person calls a guy a stalker (which Matt has done to me 3 times), common sense would tell you that this person would want to stay away from that stalking individual, right?

But not Matt, a couple months went by, and then he sent me an email inviting me to JOIN HIS LINKEDIN NETWORK! WTF WTF WTF!? This might be Kook Of The Year material.

David, I’d like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn – Matt

Matt Perrault slams me on Twitter

Did the guy forget he called me a stalker, and threatened, in ALL CAPS nonetheless, to sue me if I documented his own quotes?

I always thought people didn’t update their LinkedIn information or send out invitations to people to join their network unless they were looking for work, but Matt’s only been back “home” working at WGAM and WEEI for maybe a few months at the most, surely Bostonions haven’t tired of him THAT quickly? Or maybe not?

WINNING posted:I’ve asked a few times but haven’t see or heard anything yet, but does anyone know if Matt Perrault is done with WEEI. I’ve heard Ryder on the weekeends the last few saturdays

GUEST posted: I’ve heard Perrault filling in for a graveyard shift here and there since being removed from the Saturday morning show. Seems he’s now the backup to the backup (Ryder). I like Ryder way better and would not be sad to see Perrault shown the door permanently.

WINNING posted: Thanks, I’m not a fan of Perrault btw just found it curious that after the jack Edwards incident, he was ousted but Minihane stayed on the show. Plus I have googled Matt Perrault and clearly he was not well liked in Nebraska. Ryder is definetly better and I have not heard Perrault on the airwaves since. I did check his blog and he has not made many mentions of radio spots on WEEI that often.

ArtSpooner posted: While on the subject of WEEI, Matt Perrault was gone from Sports Saturday and John Ryder was on in place. Perrault was not mentioned as being out for the week or mentioned at all for that matter. I hope he didn’t make it through his probationary period. Now if they would drop the other weenie, Minihane, a Bradford/Ryder show would be very good. I don’t know how things work at ‘EEI, but why wasn’t Ryder considered for the mid day show? He is light years ahead of Muttnansky.

AquaNarc posted: Does anybody know who this clown is hosting the EEI Baseball Show? His first name is apparently Matt and I just listened to him cling desperately/pathetically to this “The Spring Training performance led to the slow start!” narrative. I have to say, Bradford and Minihane aren’t bad, if they put Speier on this show I would probably listen regularly.

Red(s)HawkFan posted: Matt Perrault is his name. I think he’s the new Mutnansky (a.k.a. young non-descript weekend jock). I agree he’s not very knowledgeable. Fortunately, I arrived at my destination just when the whole “the 10 game spring losing streak caused it all” got going, so I was able to shut it off before I got too annoyed by it.

AquaNarc posted: This guy is unlistenable. He makes Mutnansky look like Edward R. Murrow. Another smart move by WEEI!

sportstalkmattboston then makes 5 posts, and edits them after a couple of days.

sum dood posted: I gave the Saturday show one more chance this morning and do not plan on tuning in again anytime soon. It’s a train wreck. That interview with Jack Edwards was a complete embarrassment and the fact that Bradford felt highly enough of it to post it on the EEI site goes to show you how clueless management over there has become. I find it hard to believe that NESN is all too thrilled about this..
The show would be somewhat tolerable if they lost that noob Perrault. He’s an even more grating version of Mutnansky – an empty suit who couldn’t hold an argument if it had handles. Figures that he was the one who got Edwards on the show just to blindside him with that asshattery, and then proceeded to strain a muscle patting himself on the back for it. Can’t believe WEEI has demoted proven professionals like Dale Arnold in exchange for hiring d-bags like Perrault.